Conservation Mats

Conservation Mats

We order and supply Peterboro Conservation Matboards for your matting needs!!

Peterboro Conservation is truly our flagship product and represents the best value in conservation matboards.

-PETERBORO CONSERVATION core is made of more than 90% Alpha Cellulose; industry specifications call for no less then 84 %.

-Exceeds the PPFA and Fine Art Trade Guild standards for chemical composition of conservation mats.

-Exceeds the fade and bleed test requirements outlined by the Fine Art Trade Guild and PPFA standards

-Our backing paper is made of 100 % virgin fiber, buffered with calcium carbonate at a 3% minimum reserve, contains no optical brighteners, and a smooth finish with even coloration

-Independent Quality Control benchmarking shows that PETERBORO CONSERVATON has one of the highest standards of consistent quality in the market.

These mat boards receive free shipping within the continental United States. For more information about shipping our photo matting to Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii, please contact us via email. 

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